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Ohio Homegrown!

Ohio Homegrown!

Why Buy Local Produce at Nature’s Bin?

Nature’s Bin’s produce department and organic island are filled with fresh, delicious natural produce. We strive to provide you with the very best produce year round. Special local produce is available during the summer.

Continuing a decades-long tradition, Nature’s Bin in Lakewood continues to support our area’s family farmers and provide its shoppers with the best local produce available.

Support your Local Economy

When you purchase food grown by local farmers and producers you are helping to support small businesses in Ohio. Nature’s Bin has a long standing tradition of purchasing quality products from local family farms from several counties in Ohio.

Reduce your Environmental Impact

Food grown in Ohio travels significantly fewer miles from farm to store. Most local produce purchased by Nature’s Bin comes from less than 95 miles away. Often, one truck will transport products from several different counties that are picked up at central drop-off points.


Fruits and vegetables that are ripened on the vine tend to taste better and are better for you. Local produce purchased by Nature’s Bin is often picked the same day it arrives on store shelves.

Contact the Produce Department by phone at (216) 521-4600.

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