Nature’s Bin Closing FAQs

Why is Nature’s Bin Closing? As options for purchasing traditional, natural and organic products have expanded, Nature’s Bin has experienced a dramatic decline in sales and can no longer continue to operate. Nature’s Bin is not alone. Natural foods retailers across the country face fierce competition. The demand for natural and organic products has led to increased competition within the natural foods retail channel. Conventional retailers, including Walmart, Target, Aldi, Costco and others have entered the natural and organic market space, which has impacted sales at independent retailers like Nature’s Bin. These large retailers have increased their natural and organic offerings and can leverage their purchasing capabilities gaining economies of scale that small independent stores just can’t.

Other competitive forces affecting Nature’s Bin and other grocers are the entry of national chains such as Whole Foods into the market space and the explosion of farmers’ markets, CSAs and delivery and subscription services like Fresh Fork and Blue Apron. All of these grocery offerings, while convenient, take a piece of business from traditional and independent grocery stores like Nature’s Bin.

When is Nature’s Bin closing?
The last day for retail sales will be November 12, 2016.

What will happen to the people who work there?
Unfortunately 20 full-time and 5 part-time retail staff will be laid off. These are experienced retail staff members who would be an asset to any employer. We will be reaching out to other employers to help these staff members explore available jobs in the area.

What will happen to shoppers’ Healthy Shopper rewards?
If you have earned rewards through our Healthy Shopper Program we will honor them while the store remains open. Please redeem them as soon as possible.

What is Cornucopia?
Cornucopia is a nonprofit organization in Lakewood, Ohio that has been successfully providing vocational training for people with disabilities since 1975. Over the years Cornucopia has broadened its services to include job placement services, and its scope to serve people with a wide range of disabilities including developmental disabilities, mental illness, autism, visual and hearing impairment, and injuries resulting from accident or illness. Learn more about Cornucopia's mission.

What will happen to Cornucopia?
Cornucopia will continue to provide vocational training services through its five other training sites and continue to help people with disabilities transition into good, long-term jobs in local businesses through its job placement services. Cornucopia’s other job training programs are located at the Cornucopia Vocational Training Center in Lakewood, Eliza Jennings Health Campus in Cleveland, Jennings Center for Older Adults in Garfield Heights, T.J. Maxx in Woodmere, and Darice Wholesale Crafts in Strongsville.

How can the community support Cornucopia?
To support Cornucopia in their mission to help people with disabilities develop skills and confidence leading to sustainable employment you can make donations online at or by mail to Cornucopia, 18228 Sloane Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107.

Cornucopia will continue to operate Nature’s Bin Catering. You can support Cornucopia by ordering traditional, vegetarian or vegan food for your next business meeting or personal party from Nature’s Bin Catering. This food will be prepared by Cornucopia chefs and trainees in Cornucopia’s kitchen at 18228 Sloane Avenue in Lakewood. Cornucopia continues to be dedicated to using the highest quality natural ingredients in all of its prepared foods and bakery. Call 216-767-5499.

Consider hiring a Cornucopia graduate. If you have employment needs consider the qualified candidates Cornucopia Employment Services works with who may be able to fill your positions.

What will happen to Nature’s Bin Catering?
Nature’s Bin Catering will continue to operate out of the kitchen at the Cornucopia Vocational Training Center on Sloane Avenue. Cornucopia staff will continue to bring nature to the table with the freshest, finest ingredients. Always natural, organic and local whenever possible, our dishes reflect a wide range of choices including delicious traditional, vegetarian and vegan options.

What will happen to the building where Nature’s Bin is located?
Cornucopia owns this building and is working with the city of Lakewood and others to sell or lease this property.

Who can you contact if you want to purchase equipment or fixtures?
Please contact David Dorosy at or call him 216.521.4600.