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The History & Mission of Cornucopia, Inc.

The mission of Cornucopia Inc. is to help people with disabilities develop their skills, confidence, and workplace potential.

It all started in 1975 with a dream of a store where people with disabilities could learn real work skills in a real work setting. Founded by Anne and Brian Daw, a little storefront named The Bin was opened as a fresh fruit and vegetable market.

The dream was to establish a program to help people with disabilities prepare for employment at a competitive level.

Nature's Bin's original sign

Nature's Bin’s original sign

Cornucopia has been successfully providing work adjustment training for people with disabilities since 1975. Over the years we have broadened our scope, and today we serve people with a wide range of severe disabilities including mental retardation, developmental disabilities, mental illness, autism, visual and hearing impairment, and injuries resulting from accident or illness. “The Bin” was originally located on Madison Avenue in Lakewood and an average of 12 people with mental retardation trained there each year. Nature’s Bin market was developed to expand on “The Bin’s” successful model of integrated education/training and retail sales, and to create a more flexible and responsive education/training program. Nature’s Bin opened on Sloane Avenue in Lakewood in 1991, and began providing work skills training to 45 individuals per year in this larger, more complete facility. A 1,800 square-foot expansion and renovation of the market was completed in October 2005 and has resulted in an increase in both training opportunities and sales.

Groundbreaking at Nature's Bin's current location

Groundbreaking at Nature’s Bin’s current location

In 1999 Cornucopia established the Cornucopia Employment Services, providing job placement and job coaching services for people with severe disabilities. In 2004 Cornucopia expanded its community-based training sites with the addition of the Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network on Cleveland's near west side. We currently have a case manager on-site with trainees completing work adjustment education/training in the housekeeping, laundry, and dietary services departments there.

Through our community-based sites, Cornucopia gains first-class vocational training platforms with built-in employment potential for trainees while the host sites gain an in-house pool of quality employment candidates who are pre-qualified for many positions which must routinely be filled.

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